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Vegetarian Diet Plan

Contrary to popular belief, not all of us Vegetarians are the stereotypical twenty something blonde athletes who take yoga classes and go for early morning jogs. We don't all have strict diets and count every calorie we come into contact with. We crave candy and sweets just as everybody else does. We are human afterall!

When I first began my vegetarian journey I assumed that the few extra pounds I had gained during childbirth would drop off. Unfortunately this wasn't the case!

Believe it or not I actually gained weight in the first few months! I had stopped watching what I was eating and assumed that my meals were less fattening without the meat. It wasn't until I saw my heartbreaking 'fat photo' from my sisters wedding that I knew it was time to make a change.

I joined a gym which I rarely went to, hired a personal trainer who I didn't call back and drained my wallet on fad diets. I was losing the battle of the bulge!

Now I was discussing my dilemma with one of the ladies at my vegetarian society club. The conversation began with me jokingly warning her 'when you get to my age your body will catch up with you' etc. I was shocked when she pulled out a photo from her wallet of her looking at LEAST 40lbs heavier!

The beast (excuse the metaphor) in the photo didn't even slightly resemble the trim, fit looking woman standing in front of me! She told me her secrets and now (30lbs lighter I might add) I too carry my fat photo around as proof that I was not always in the best shape of my life!

Her method has proven so successful that she was approached by one of the leading vegetarian diet websites on the internet to sell her diet plan.

If you are SERIOUS about losing weight, you cannot bear to look at your flabby stomach any longer and it is too emotionally for you to continue putting off your diet then my advice to you is to follow this simple method!

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