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I'm a Vegetarian, Should I be Worried about a Shortage of the B12 Vitamin?

Perhaps more than what most people might be aware of, vitamin B12 is one exceptional vitamin that is essential for health and day to day living, even though it may be needed only in little quantities.

In a normal scenario, this vitamin is made in the intestinal flora of the intestines with the help of beneficial bacteria. So itís safe to say that based on expert documentation, if this flora is in good shape, the hyped fear of being a vegetarian and shortage of the B12 vitamin as a result may very well be unnecessary.

Nonetheless, shortage of the vitamin may be indicated by an excessive level of



-Loss of appetite




-Poor balance

If you have any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor first as it is better to not try to self-diagnosis, since any of these symptoms can be the result of a different serious condition. It's best to find out for sure.

Now for vegetarians or vegans, it is often stated that sources of B12 may be absent in this diet owing to the absence of animal dander.

However, the truth is although most people may associate a Shortage of the B12 vitamin with vegan diets, the majority of cases that occur ironically exist amongst people who regularly consume animal products.

The main goal to strive for in regards to being vegetarian (vegan) and avoiding a B-12 deficiency is to avoid anything that could cause poor absorption and a destroyed intestinal flora.

Nonetheless, to avoid the common causes of shortage of the B12 vitamin ensure to do the following:

1. Avoid everything that may destroy your intestinal flora.

These include:

-The use of antibiotics

-Most prescribed drugs

-Many popular herbal remedies that contain caffeine

-Repeated colonics


-An Excess of Acic Fruits (more than 4-5 oranges, 1-3 grapefruits in a day)

-Raw Garlic, onions and foods rich in mustard oil.

2. Include 'bacteria rich', unwashed or slightly rinsed greens in your diet.

3. Avoid EXCESSIVE sweet fruits (especially dried fruits mates)

4. Get out in the sun and fresh air as much as possible

5. Avoid chlorinated tap water!!!

Well, I hope these pointers will come in handy in your balancing both sides of the spectrum: being vegetarian and avoiding a shortage of vitamin B-12.

To Health


Foras Aje is an independent researcher and co-founder of BodyHealthSoul LLC. Stop by His Fasting for Weight Loss Blog today for more information on being vegetarian and vitamin b12 deficiency

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