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How To Avoid Boredom with the Vegetarian Diet

Admittedly, to many people the vegetarian diet may not sound like the tastiest option of a dietetic habit to adhere to, however coming from a guy who has been a vegetarian for close to a decade, nothing could be further from the truth.

Furthermore, my diet has not included such common vegetarian items as Soy, tofu and other similar products as I truly believe that what one eats should be as close to natural as possible.

Now, the bulk of the items that constitute my meals normally include raw fruits, fruit, root and leafy vegetables and maybe some less harmful whole grains. It also has not been a challenge for me to mix these components up into tasty and nutritious meals and I will now present some samples for you to try out…and trust me, there’s more where these will come from or better still, you can create your own masterpieces by simply getting creative with your imagination.


"Chocolate" Milk

-10-15 medium dates

-3 ripe bananas.

-1 Young Coconut (I don't usually use the water inside of the nut although I heard it has some benefits, I have tested it on me to a not so good result but again we are all different)

-16 oz cold Water

Blend everything starting with the fruits then the coconut.

Strawberry Delight

-4-8 strawberries

-1-2 Bananas

-8-10 dates

Try these samples out and I bet you they would taste better than any less healthy and more expensive smoothie you could get from your usual sources.


A raw-chef once stated that one's success with a vegetarian diet may hinge on his/her choice of salad dressings. That considered, here are some other favorites.


-2 organic Roma or Hot House tomatoes

-2 big Avocadoes (pitted)

-2 tsp orange juice (freshly squeezed) 2 oz of water

The Real Ranch Dressing:

-2 medium sized tomatoes

-2 young coconuts

-1/2 tsp of salt

-6 organic sun dried tomatoes

-I stalk of Celery

-1 tbs of lemon juice (optional)


Sweet Potato Pie

-Bake Garnet or Jewel yams (or Jersey Sweet Potatoes) in an oven heated to 475 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. -When it can be pierced, allow to cool. -Upon cooling, peel the vegetable and mash with avocadoes and a little bit of sea salt.

This is actually a great simple dish of most tropical countries.

Coconut rice:

(-This is a great Brazilian dish made by boiling rice in coconut milk as described below.) -Coconut milk is quite a satisfying drink in itself and can serve as a basis for smoothies and dressings as well. If using for a smoothie, I recommend only for ‘Chocolate Foras’ or for a substitute for ‘Real Ranch Dressing’

How to make coconut milk

-Heat Drinking water to a medium temperature.

-Pour 24oz of water in a Blender..

-Add some pieces of chopped mature coconuts (the round brown ones available in most grocery stores)

-Now blend till it's finely chopped.

-Pour this solution through a strainer and press the residue to squeeze out the liquid.

-Blend this pulp again following the preceding steps.

And ensure to drain again pressing on the pulp to squeeze out the nutrients.

-Use a quart and a half of coconut milk as the liquid to boil your rice.

-You may add more water as needed.

-You can also make the milk the night before and then the next day blend half of it with 2 tomatoes and add this solution to the remaining half and also boil the rice in it for Spanish rice.

-You can slice some peeled zucchini or chopped celery into the rice and boil all together for a hearty delight.

Well, coming up with tasty meals should perhaps be as simple as being creative as it truly is an art, but with the samples listed herewith, I hope you would a blue-print of sorts to get you started.

Here's to Health Friends

Foras Aje is an independent researcher and co-founder of BodyHealthSoul LLC. Stop by His Fasting for Weight Loss Blog today for more information on Healthy vegetarian recipes

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