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Being a Vegetarian Is Not Easy

I try to be vegetarian but it is difficult.

It’s not easy to maintain a completely healthy diet; modern living dictates the Take Away and TV dinner is an easy alternative to peeling an orange, or skinning a fish. This puts pressure on me, and others, to seek for more convenient ways of maintaing skin and bone and enough energy to get through the day.

The answer, of course, is to regulate the food industry, so that unhealthy options are off the menu. A good start has been made by some supermarkets and manufacturers, labelling food products with ‘traffic signal’ markings, that indicate whether a food is ‘good’ ‘bad’ or ‘hmmmm’.

However, people may still choose the unhealthy, fatty options, even though they ignore a red light - in much the same way that smokers and drinkers choose to ignore the warnings.

So, a veggie diet is best? Maybe. But how boring is it? Nowadays, various manufacturers have gone to great pains to woo the veggie market, but most of the meat-free meals on sale look - and often taste - like the meat products they simulate. A conundrum.

Governments should step in here and ban the sale of unhealthy additives – in New York, for example, trans-fatty acids have been banned from being introduced into food, and food outlets are desperately complying with this, balancing the fact that these acids enhance the taste of food, with the possible blandness that is now going to be the norm. Will this produce healthier people? We wait and see.

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