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Getting the Best Athletic Nutrition

Athletes need to take special care of their nutrition. They undergo special training session and exercise regimen and they have to keep their energy level high. The nutritional intake of an athlete will depend on the type of sport activity and the endurance level of the athlete.

The athletes who have to develop muscles for their sports have to take a lot of protein supplement. The diet of the athlete should consist of high protein. This protein can be done by taking high protein diet and supplement it with protein supplements that are available in the market. This is generally done on the advice of doctors or trainers.

Develop your muscles

It is a well known fact that athletes have to develop muscles and for this there is double intake of protein is needed. The protein can also be added in the diet by adding diet like whey protein, soybean protein or taking egg whites in powder form. There are many other forms of proteins that are found ion fruits as well and you can get benefit of red dates. Complete all round nutrition is must for the athletes and this should also include fruits in their diet.

Apart from proteins other food items are also necessary like carbohydrates. Those who need to build their endurance like swimmers; runners, bikers, etc have to be active for a long time and for this proper amount of carbohydrate is necessary to be included in their diet.

Athletes have to take more calories

Athletes should have a calorie intake of at least 12,000 calories per day. Less than this and the athletes will start feeling tired and fatigued. They burn calories very fast due to their long lasting athletic activities. Hydration along with proper nutrition is also necessary for getting proper nutrition. For this the athlete will need energy drinks that will give tem instant energy. To keep their energy level high they can also take energy bars.

All of us are aware that athletes should consume food that is rich in protein and complex carbohydrates. These are the basic food items that have to be consumed by them on a daily basis, apart from this they need to supplement it with lot of fruits and fresh green vegetables. An all round full diet is best recommended for athletes. Additionally, if you feel that your food is rich you can add herbs for the heart. These herbs when added to food make them tasty and at the same time are also good for the heart. There are many herbs that are safe for the heart and its related conditions. One such herb is the cayenne – it can prevent a heart attack. You can discuss using these herbs in your food with your doctor or your trainer.

As a final note it can be said that contrary to popular belief, there are certain fats that are good for you. There are certain saturated fats that are may have healthy saturated fats so that it provides your body with Omega 3 fatty acids and also helps in keeping your blood cholesterol levels in check. It has been observed that a proper nutritional plan for an athlete is necessary to sustain the level of energy they need for their sports activity. A proper diet will bring drastic change to the athlete’s performance and energy level.

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Carolyn has many hobbies and interests. As well being a keen blogger and article writer for many sites, she has also recently created a site focusing on benefits of red dates. The site is constantly being updated and has articles on herbs for the heart to read.



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