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Weight Loss Programs

30 Minute Mom - Weight loss program and advice on cooking, exercise and menu planning. Visit

770 Get-Thin - Medical weight loss program developed by a physician. Visit

Acacia Fitness - Provides weight loss programs and products. Includes program information, testimonials and FAQ. Visit

Acacia Fitness - Provides weight loss programs and products in Edmonton, AB. Includes program information, testimonials and FAQ. Visit

Arden Health Care - Actrim Plus weight loss program offers supplements and diet plan. Visit

Body Makeover Systems Inc - Offers weight loss programs with focus on nutrition and exercise. Includes service descriptions, testimonials and pricing. Headquarters location. Visit

Breakthrough Health and Fitness - Manufactures a weight loss program focused on nutrition and physical training. Visit

Breastfeed Your Way Thin - Offers a weight loss program via ebook to follow while breastfeeding. Visit

Curves - Affordable 30 minute fitness, health and weight loss programs for women. Visit

Curves Maroubra - A ladies only gym focusing on exercise and weight loss programs opposite Newington Towers on Maroubra Road (Maroubra Junction). Location map and current promotional offers. Visit

Dee Wolk's Weight Solution - Weight loss program on audio tapes. Also offers a cookbook, monthly recipes, and information about the author. Visit

Dennis Gage MD - Offers nutrition, exercise, medical and holistic weight loss programs in New York. Visit

Diamond TRIM - All-natural weight loss program by Dr. Wayne Diamond, N.D., creator of Herpanacine. Visit

Diet Candy Recipes To-Go - A collection of candy recipes suitable for inclusion in your diet or weight loss program. Visit

Diet Directives - Book outlining a new weight loss program, a common sense program for weight loss and to help overcoming overeating by living a healthy lifestyle. Visit

Diet Discussions - A community forum specializing in discussing weight loss programs of all types. Includes articles. Visit

Diet Recipes To-Go: Appetizers - A collection of appetizer recipes suitable for inclusion in your diet or weight loss program. Visit

Diet Recipes To-Go: Bread - A collection of recipes suitable for inclusion in your diet or weight loss program. Visit

Diet Recipes To-Go: Brownies - A collection of recipes suitable for inclusion in a diet or weight loss program. Visit

Diet Recipes To-Go: Drinks - A collection of drink recipes suitable for inclusion in a diet or weight loss program. Visit

Diet Recipes To-Go: Tea - A collection of tea recipes suitable for inclusion in a diet or weight loss program. Visit

Diet To-Go: Breadmaker Recipes - A collection of bread machine recipes suitable for a diet or weight loss program. Visit

Dr. Healy's Diet Program - Medically supervised weight loss program based on medical history and comprehensive blood chemistry. Visit

Dr. Lessack's Make Sense Weight Loss Program - Physician overview and information on services provided from locations in Hartford and Waterbury. Visit

Dynamite Diva Spa Gals - Weight loss program for women including fitness plans, message board, tools and motivation. Visit

Easy Weight Loss Program - Offers a tape to assist in weight loss efforts. Visit

Feast and Fast Diet - Weight loss program based on the cycling and timing of meals, and the selection of food types. Visit

GRID Clinic - Provides information about the GRID clinic weight loss program and their products. Visit

HungerMaster - Offering a weight loss program . Order details and personal testimonial included. Visit

Jim Karas Online Weight Loss Program - Includes meal plans, fitness program, recipes, articles and bulletin boards. Visit

Juvo - Raw food meal replacement that helps in weight loss programs and immune system enhancement. Includes articles on raw food diet issues. Visit

Larry North - Workout, nutrition, weight loss programs offered at these gyms. Locations in Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Houston. Visit

LifeWeigh Bariatrics Weight Loss Surgical Center - Provides information on surgical gastric banding and gastric by-pass weight loss programs and a non-surgical weight and wellness program located in Downers Grove, Illinois. Visit

Lighten Up - Weight loss program - No diets, pills or surgery. Visit

Lightning Kicks. - Teaches Taekwondo, Hapkido and Kickboxing in Kalamazoo. Includes weight loss program, schedule and contacts. Visit

LivLite Weight Management Program - Surgical weight loss program for people who are 100 pounds or more over their ideal body weight. Visit

London Academy of Personal Fitness - Offers personal training, workout routines, weight loss programs and various physical therapies. Visit

Lyn Green - Natural health therapist and consultant for the Dr Sandra Cabot weight loss program. Information on services, books and products. Consultations in Applecross and Swan View. Visit

Maximum Fitness - Weight loss programs for obesity are offered by Gary Matthews from Australia involving a combination of nutrition and exercise. Visit

Medi-Thin Weight Loss - Mdically supervised weight loss program that provides personalized and direct medical supervision from a certified internist. Visit

Miami Nutrition and Weight Loss Center - Headed by endocrinologist Diane Krieger, M.D., offers workshops, counseling and medically guided weight loss programs as well as pharmaceutical research studies. Staff profiles, address, directions and hours. Visit

Mountain Trek - Fitness retreat and spa operating a hiking based weight loss program. Contains program descriptions and rates. Locations in North Carolina, Costa Rica and Ainsworth Hot Springs, British Columbia. Visit

Natural Weight Loss Program - Offers a natural weight loss program. Visit

Oliak Center for Weight Management - Information on the surgical weight loss program provided by Dr. David Oliak, located in Orange, CA. Includes a list of references from medical journals chronicling the impact of Lap Band surgery on medical problems suc Visit

OneMoreBite Weight Loss Program - Permanent weight loss program using NLP and EFT techniques by Kathryn Martyn. Visit

Optifast - A medical weight loss program using a liquid formula diet for obesity treatment. Visit

Optifast Canada - A medically supervised, non-surgical/drug, flexible weight loss program offered in Toronto, Canada. Involves nutritional meal replacement and re-education on diet, lifestyle and fitness. Partially funded by OHIP. Visit

Physicians Choice Weight Loss - Personalized 12 week online weight loss program. Includes calculations of protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber intake. Visit

Power 90 - Offers a weight loss program and workout routines. Visit

Prism - Weight loss program based on recognizing and stopping unhealthy eating patterns. Visit

Quick Weight Loss Centers - Weight loss program. Site offers progam information, testimonials, location maps, online product purchasing, and appointment scheduling with discount coupons. Visit

Serotonin Plus System - Weight loss program. Visit

Simply Science - Offers a weight loss program and line of nutritional products. Provides help in locating a retailer. Visit

Slimkids - Offering diet and weight loss programs for children and teens. Visit

Soboba Medical Group - Offers a weight loss program with recipes, food lists and original research. Includes clinic locations, information, services, and a mailing list. Offering locations throughout California. Visit

Spokane Adventure Fitness Boot Camp for Women - A four-week weight loss program of fitness instruction, nutrition education and team motivation. Visit

Step Forward - Read summaries from this book describing a Christian focused weight loss program. Visit

Susan Powter Online - Offers books, CDs, and videos, as well as details of weight loss programs and personal appearances. Visit

Sweet Science Nutrition - An 8 week weight loss program, metabolic testing and comprehensive nutrition checkups. Visit

The Competition - Offers a weight loss program and diet tips. Visit

The Hacker's Diet - Billed as "how to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition," this is a serious weight loss program written from an engineering and management perspective. Visit

Think Light - Weight loss program that assists in planning and preparing lowfat meals and snacks. Visit

THM: The Hiller Method - Offers a weight loss program to download. Visit

Ultra Lite - Weight loss program. Includes articles, and program details. Visit

Weigh Down Workshop - Spiritual weight loss program. Visit

Weight Choice - Online weight loss program. Visit

Weight Loss Mindset - A weight loss program to promote better diet and exercise choices. Includes a blog and useful dieting information. Visit

Weightloss Boston - The Sadkhin Complex - The Sadkhin Complex - Offers a weight loss program. Includes profiles of the practitioners, testimonials, a discussion forum, and information about their services. Visit

WIN: Choosing a Program - Explains how a person can go about choosing a safe weight loss program that is right for their needs. Visit

Xenical - Provides general advice for people looking to lose weight and more specialized information for people taking part in the Xenical Weight Loss Program. Visit

Yoga Balance Weight Loss Program - Offers several different programs to aid in weight loss. Visit - Offers a weight loss program as well as various articles and information. Visit

ZonePerfect.Com - Official site of The Zone Diet weight loss program, health and nutrition information, and their nutritional products. Visit

ZonePerfect.Com - The official site of The Zone Diet weight loss program, health and nutritional products. Visit


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