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Taoist Diet

While there are many different historical and modern schools of Taoism, with different teachings on the subject, it is safe to say that many Taoists regard their diet as extremely important to their physical, mental and spiritual health in one way or another , especially where the amount of qi in the food is concerned. A typical Taoist diet could focus on:

Increase intake of the following:

* Whole grains and products made with them
* Vegetables (ideally organic and seasonal)
* Fruit (not tropical; dried fruit is very good)
* Seeds and nuts
* Tofu and soya
* Herbs
* Tea

Decrease intake of the following:

* Red meat (which can be difficult to digest)
* Refined products (such as white sugar, flour, and bread)
* Artificial additives/preservatives of any kind
* Dairy products (such as cheese, yogurt and cream)
* Cold drinks and foods


Some Taoists practice herbalism in their diets. Many believe that using different herbs in their food can help increase the positive energy in their bodies, and that by mixing two herbs with opposite effects they can decrease the positive energy and increase the negative energy.

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