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No Grain Diet

The No-Grain Diet was developed by osteopathic physician Joseph Mercola. He claims that overconsumption of grains and sugars is the cause of many degenerative diseases, such as diabetes and cancer as well as obesity. The purpose of the diet is mainly for optimum health, and is claimed by its adherants to improve or heal those diseases. Recently, he is calling this diet the "Total Health Program" including a 3-stage "Nutrition Plan".

The No-Grain Diet emphasizes organic vegetables with limited fruits, quality meats, eggs and oils such as virgin coconut oil and virgin olive oil. It discourages the eating of any grain-products, sugars, most fish, most polyunsaturated oils and processed foods. It is controversial, in that it calls eating grains an "addiction", and goes against the recommendation of mainstream nutritionists, who advise multiple servings of grains per day.

"Metabolic Typing" is seen as essential, which provides adjustments of the diet depending on each person's metabolic needs. Metabolic Typing is based on the assumption that each person has a unique way in which food is metabolized in the body, making it impossible to find one diet which works for all people. Three metabolic types are distinguished as Carb, Protein or Mixed Type, depending on the ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats each type of person is supposed to require in his daily diet. The diet is then adjusted to those metabolic types. This part of Mercola's diet appears to be identical to the Metabolic Typing Diet by William L. Wolcott.

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