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Herbal Tea

AF Distribution - Offers ready to drink tea. Also offers growing kits, extract, and mushrooms. Visit

African Red Tea Imports - Organic tea bags or bulk. Also offers Rooibos extract and skin care products. Visit

Altramed, Inc. - Immune system boosting tea. Includes history of the product, benefits, and general medicinal herb information. Visit

Aris Springs - Offering certified organic white, green, and oolong teas with herbal infusions. Visit

Aum Tea Company - Herbal organic Jiaogulan tea. Includes herb information and benefits. Visit

Aviva Yerba Mate - An herbal green tea grown in Argentina believed to improve health, increase energy, treat fatigue, and detoxify the body, includes available blends, FAQs, and accessories. Visit

Blessed Botanicals - Offers organic herbal tea blends. Visit

Cinnamon Tea - Sells and manufactures cinnamon tea products. Visit

Eastern Venture, Ltd - Tulsi tea available in five organic blends. Visit

Ecotech Technologies - Teas from India for weight loss, diabetes, asthma, and other health problems. Visit

ECU & US International, Inc. - Natural sunflower tea specifically design to relieve hemorrhoids. Visit

Emas Herbs - Teas help detoxify, cleanse, nourish and calm human systems gently and effectively. Visit

Ethical Trade Goods - Blended teas that include ho-hoi-si, an American Indian herb. Visit

Falcon Ridge Farms - Certified organic farm that produces and sells echinacea, mint, and herbal tea products. Visit

Gaia Brands, Ltd. - Hand-made, unpasteurised, and probiotic tea. Visit

Go-Tea - Loose leaf blends with a hibiscus base, specializing in detox formulas. Visit

Guayaki - Organic tea grown in a rainforest-like environment. Includes a forum and product news. Visit

H. D. Brown - Kombucha cultures, growing starter kits, and ready-made tea. Visit

Herb and Ginger - Herbal, fruit, and rooibos teas and accessories. Visit - African herbal teas and herbal products. Visit

Herbal Teas by Penelope Sach - Information and ordering instructions. Visit

High Desert Farmers - Hand harvested greenthread Navajo tea in bags, bundles, or whole leaf. Visit

Irietea - Organic, small batch crafted teas and infusions. Visit

Just Tea - Fresh brewed tea in quarts and pre-mixed dried. Includes news and formula. Visit

Khoisan Tea Company - Loose leaf and sachets of natural tea and flavored blends. Visit

LeafSpa Organic Tea - Offers organic herbal and organic tea blends. Visit

Manna International - Organic green tea liquid extract, includes active ingredients and benefits. Visit

Mate Factor - Offers organic yerba mate in tea bags, loose and bulk. Visit

Mate Revolution - Yerba Mate and African red teas and blends, also offers accessories and newsletter. Visit

Ma-Tea - Immune boosting tea featuring uses, properties, and nutrients. Visit

Mi Yerba Mate - Loose leaf and bagged tea. Includes preparation tips and health benefits. Visit

Mondaisa - Manufacturers of packaged and bulk black and green, infusions, and spice tea from Costa Rica. Visit

Montego Rooibos Herbal Tea - Organic Rooibos tea. Retail and wholesale. Visit

My Coca Tea - Sells coca leaves and herbal tea products made using the leaves of the coca plant. Visit

My Mate World - Organic teas and accessories including mate cups, gourds, and straws. Visit

National tea - Coca tea and yerba mate. Highlights health benefits. Visit

Natural Heritage Enterprises - Natural herbal tea therapy that builds the immune system, includes pricing, related articles, and money-back guarantee. Visit

Natural Lattitudes - Offering bombillas, tea bags, and related accessories. Visit

Ojibwa Tea of Life - Four herb essiac tea blend that is pure, non-irradiated, organically grown, includes information on herbal medicine, women's health, and colon health. Visit

Olivus - Olive leaf tea from manzanillo and mission olives to enhance the immune system. Includes active properties and preparation instructions. Visit

Pappy's Sassafras Tea - Naturally brewed concentrate from sassafras root bark. Caffeine-free infusion with less than one calorie per serving. Visit

Pau d'Arco Tea - Herbal tea that is derived from the inner bark of the Tabebuia Avellandae or Tabebuia Impetiginosa (Taheebo) tree grown in South America. For treatment of cancers, candida, viruses, and debilitating diseases (including arthritis). Visit

Peru Herbals - Herbal teas and specialty blends from coca leaves, including Yerba Mate, mint, and chamomile. Visit

Praxea - Offering tea from organically grown herbs, used to possibly combat cancer. Visit

Premium Essiac Tea 4less - Offers packets, bottles, and bulk orders of essiac herbal tea. Visit

Prince Imports, Inc. - Offers Pau d'Arco tea in bulk. Visit

SA Tea - South African exporters of authentic single herb and blended teas. Also offers rooibos oil glycerine soap. Visit

Sei Mee Tea - Sales of organic ground green tea, that can be made into a drink or added to food. Also provides recipes and lists retailers in western USA. Visit

Sir Jason Winters Site - Herbal teas and supplements. Features specialty formulas and related books. Visit

Sport Tea - A delicious, high performance beverage formulated for active people desiring a nutritious alternative to coffee, soda, alcohol, and sugary "athletic" drinks. Visit

Tea Fit - Specialty blends from Asian herbs for specific ailments. Visit

Tea Land - Specializing in herbal tea, traditional tea, and medicinal tea. Visit

The Art of Health, Inc. - Providing Herbal teas and other therapies to nourish and support the body's self-healing mechanism. Visit

The Essian Tea Company - Supplies dried loose leaves. Includes product ingredients and expected benefits. Visit

The Immortalitea Company - Loose leaf herbals including jiaogulan, oolong and mulberry. Also includes general information on brewing tips, tea history, and health applications. Visit

The Original Essiac Company - Worldwide distributor of Essiac tea, with product information, expected benefits, and specials. Visit

The Real Essiac Company - Herbal tea used as an alternative remedy for cancer. Visit

Two Moons Tea - Manufactures medicinal herbal teas using Native American recipes. Visit

Webolt Company - Chinese green tea. Includes health benefits and nutritional information. Visit

WyndHorse Yerba Mate, LLC - Pure leaf and traditional tea and blends. Also offers gourds and bombillas. Visit


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