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Heart Disease Wine and Health - An overview of issues from the 'French Paradox' to wine's influence on ulcers, cancer, and heart disease. Visit

American Heart Association - The Association is a national voluntary health agency whose mission is to reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Visit

American Heart Association: Cigarette Smoking And Cardiovascular Diseases - Cigarettes are the most important preventable cause of premature death in the United State. Most of those deaths are from heart disease, not cancer. The facts from the AHA. Visit

American Heart Association: Pulmonary Hypertension - Brief description of the cause and treatment of this disease. Visit

Argyll and Clyde Coronary Heart Disease Network - Offers details on group profile, services, patient care pathways, news and events, and contacts. Visit

Arthritis as a Potassium Deficiency - Potassium nutrition and physiology around the concept that the low potassium always present in arthritis and usually in heart disease should be relieved. An exhaustive opinion on the subject. Visit

Aspirin as a Therapeutic Agent in Cardiovascular Disease - A statement for healthcare professionals from the American Heart Association. Visit

Author Susan May - Mother of a son who was born with congenital heart disease and received a heart transplant before he turned two has written a book about the experience. Find articles, a reading list and information about transplantation. Visit

BBC Health - The Heart Disease Guide - The Heart Disease Guide - Statistics, information, and news on heart disease in the UK. Visit

BBC News - A daily drink 'only good for men' - A daily drink 'only good for men' - Covers research showing that drinking alcohol daily protects against heart disease in men but not in women. Visit

BBC Online Health - Your Weight - Your Weight - Details on how to keep to a healthy weight, eat well and reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and other health problems. Visit

Bob Findlay's Site - Personal account of the experience of heart disease and undergoing a bypass graft. Includes links for support in the community. Visit

British Heart Foundation - UK charity fighting heart and circulatory disease. The BHF funds research, education and life-saving equipment and helps heart patients return to a full and active way of life. Visit

Camp Joyful Heart - Summer program for kids 8 to 15 with heart disease, in Clarksville, Ohio. Activities, registration forms, packing list, and staff. Visit

Camp Odayin - Minnesota residential camps for ages 8 to 17, and day camp for ages 6 and 7 with heart disease. Includes brochure, application, and directions. Visit

Can Vitamin E Prevent Heart Disease? - Article discussing history, functions, and studies concerning the vitamins role in heart disease prevention. Visit

Cantrell, Hope Catherine - In memory of the author's daughter Hope. Born on Aug. 29, 2000 became an angel Sept. 8, 2000. She had a rare heart disease called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Visit

CardioGenesis Laser Therapies for Angina and Heart Disease Patients - Surgical laser therapies for the treatment of severe angina pectoris and advanced cardiovascular disease through Transmyocardial Revascularization (TMR) and Percutaneous Myocardial Reva Visit

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention - Article on diet, exercise and supplements and their role in preventing and treating heart disease, by Elson M. Haas MD. Visit

Cardiovascular Institute of the South - Articles on the latest developments in heart and vascular disease. The Institute is well known for treatment and clinical research in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. (Morgan City, Louisiana) Visit

Carson's Heart Page - Dedicated to a child who had surgery for congenital disease. Visit

Cats and Heart Disease - Information on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, its symptoms and treatment. Visit

Children and Heart Disease - The normal heart, defects, heart murmurs, kawasaki disease, treatment, school programs and feeding an infant with congenital heart disease. Information provided by the American Heart Association. Visit

Children's Heart Foundation - This Foundation focuses on the improvement of care in children with heart diseases through patient education and support activities, financial support for patients requiring intervention, and purchase of medical equipment for Visit

Cholesterol Check - Information about checking your heart disease periodically by using a home test kit to measure your cholesterol level using only a drop of blood from your finger. Visit

Cigarettes Cause Heart Disease in Young People - Resent research finds that teen-agers and young adults who smoke have three times the level of plaque in a major artery as those who don't smoke. Visit

Clear Your Arteries and Save Your Life - Method of clearing arteries that become blocked either fully or partially with fatty plaque. Information about cholesterol, heart attack, stroke, heart disease, angina, and atherosclerosis. Visit

Congenital Heart Disease - Information and Resources - Information and Resources - Interactive forums, resources, and internet links for families, adults with CHD, nurses, and other health care professionals with an interest in pediatric cardiology. Visit - Information on heart disease with surgical data and related resources. Visit

eMedicine: Hypertensive Heart Disease - Cardiologist offers a clinical report on common heart conditions caused by elevated blood pressure. Learn about coronary artery disease, cardiac arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation and their link to this disorder. Visit

Environmental Tobacco Smoke - American Heart Association: secondhand smoke causes heart disease and nearly doubles the risk of heart attack. Visit

Experience Journal - Pediatric Heart Disease - Pediatric Heart Disease - Features stories and personal experiences from families about what it's like to live with their children's heart disease. Visit

Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - Defines feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), the most common heart disease in cats. Includes information about causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. Visit

Finnish Heart Association - Works to prevent cardiovascular diseases and to develop treatment and rehabilitation. Services, news, communications and fundraising. Visit

Focus on Cholesterol - List of resources for patients experiencing elevated cholesterol levels. Explanation of its role in heart disease. Visit

Has Heart Disease Been Cured? - Describes the discovery of why we calcify, and how a new treatment is beginning to undo the effects not only for heart patients, but also for those with other debilitating illnesses. Visit

Havard University School of Public Health - Provides an article entitled: Higher Trans Fat Levels in Blood Associated With Elevated Risk of Heart Disease. Visit

Health 24: Daily Drink, Better for Men - A large, long-term Danish study published in the British Medical Journal finds that both men and women who drink moderately experience a lower risk of heart disease. Only men, though, appear to further benefit from Visit

Heart Attack Prevention - Publication illustrates how a former heart surgeon offers an alternative treatment for reversing heart disease with emphasis on prevention. Visit

Heart Disease - Explains risk factors, diagnosis, medications, risks of bypass surgery, and aspirin and coronary artery disease. Visit

Heart Disease Guide at - Heart Disease information resource with feature articles, net picks, chat and BB, and a free email newsletter. Updated fortnightly with fresh content. Visit

Heart Disease Program - Designed to act as an intellectual sounding board, assisting diagnosis and anticipating the effects of therapy for cardiovascular disorders. Visit

Heart Health Analyzer - Information about the software that assesses your risk from coronary heart disease using multi-factor analysis. A tool for the prevention of heart disease. Visit

HEART UK - Charity providing some information for patients about coronary heart disease. Emphasis on cholesterol and lipids. Visit

Heartfelt: Reprogram Yourself For a Healthy Heart - Considers the beliefs, attitudes, and emotions that influence developing heart disease, with strategies. Visit

Houston Cardiac Clinic, P.A. - A professional medical practice located in Houston, Texas specializing in diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Visit

How to cure Heart Disease in One Year - Suggests that herbal methods and alternative drugs can reduce heart disease and hypertension. Visit

KidsHealth: Heart Disease - Article answers what it is, how you get it, what the signs are and if kids can get it. Visit

Lillehei Heart Institute - Dedicated to innovations leading to treatment of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases through endowed interdisciplinary efforts-at the Univ. of Minnesota. Visit

Linus Pauling Lectures on Vitamin C and Heart Disease - Two-time Nobel laureate and the world's foremost vitamin C proponent. An article about the man and the vitamin. Visit

Little Hearts - Provides support and information to families of children with congenital heart disease. Offers useful links, parent matching, email groups and activities. Visit

Lothian Managed Clinical Network for Coronary Heart Disease - Offers details of groups, disease advice in area, patient information guide, and contacts. Visit

Low Thyroid Function May Equal High Heart Disease Risk - Patients with untreated, mild-to-moderate subclinical hypothyroidism may experience severe cardiac problems. Visit

Magnesium: Coming of Age - Explains the importance of this mineral in hypertension and heart disease. Includes how it effects the body, who is at risk hypomagnesemia, and replacement strategies. Visit

Mayo Clinic: Heart Disease - Information about atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, diagnostic tests, treatment, risk factors and prevention. Visit - Shows how antioxidants and other compounds in spices help to prevent and treat many illnesses including Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Visit

My Diabetes Control - Publication demonstrates tips for effective diabetes control and the reversing of heart disease conditions. Visit

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute - In-depth look at cholesterol and why it matters, heart disease, benefits from lowering, having it checked, diet, exercise, weight and many more topics are discussed. Visit

Natures Window - Informative site about studies on heart disease and what nutrients may help prevent heart attack, stroke, lower blood pressure, and lower blood sugar levels for diabetics. Visit

Newswise: Thyroid Dysfunction Linked to Heart Failure in New Research Study - Researchers hope that more aggressive treatment of hypothyroidism and borderline hypothyroidism will result in a reduction of heart disease in human beings. Visit

NHLBI - Information and resources on blood from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Provides links on publications, fact sheets, and related diseases information. Visit

NHLBI Health Information Network - Provides email updates to health professionals on National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's latest research on identifying, assessing, and treating cardiovascular disease, asthma, and sleep disorders. Visit

NHS Grampian Coronary Heart Disease Managed Clinical Network - Works to improve cardiac services throughout the Grampian region. Includes agendas and minutes from meetings. Visit

Nutrition, Health and Heart Disease - Public interest page with heart and health tips about foods, vitamins and supplements, with their effect on cardiovascular problems. Visit

OMRF Biotechnology Transfer Unit - Responsible for marketing, licensing, and commercialization of patents and other intellectual property produced through biomedical research on human diseases such as lupus, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, AIDS, and Alz Visit

Online Institute for Cardiac Surgery - The NYU Medical Center Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery. Information on surgical treatments for all types of heart disease. Visit

Oral Chelation - A full explanation of heart disease, more than 500 pages of easy to understand technical data about the causes and preventives for heart disease and stroke. The most complete explanation about intravenous chelation therapy, oral chelation Visit

Passive Tobacco Smoke And Heart Disease - Summary of recent research showing that secondhand smoke causes more heart disease than cancer. Visit

Pediheart - Explains the normal heart and how it is affected by disease in children. Visit

Preventing Heart Disease - Smoking - Smoking - Short section on smoking and the hart. Visit

Preventive Medicine Research Institute - Presents Dr. Dean Ornish's lifestyle modification program for the prevention and reversal of heart disease. Visit

Revolution Health : Heart Disease - Find heart disease information, covering symptoms, causes, risks, treatments and types. Discuss heart disease issues with others in forums, blogs, personal stories and recommendations. Visit

Rheumatic Heart Disease - Learn about this condition where the heart valves are damaged by rheumatic fever. Includes symptoms, prevention, and treatment. Visit

Rheumatic Heart Disease - Factsheet from Loyola University. Visit

Rheumatic Heart Disease - Rheumatic Fever - Rheumatic Fever - Factsheet with links to articles. Visit

Role of Fiber in Reducing Heart Disease - Article on the impact of fiber on insulin production and heart disease risk factors. Visit

Rush Pediatric Cardiology - Includes information, illustrations and animations for health care professionals and patients/families regarding cardiac development and congenital heart defects and acquired heart diseases in children. Visit

Secondhand smoke and schaemic heart disease: an evaluation of the evidence - Analysis of 19 epidemiological studies shows that people who have never smoked have 30% greater risk of ischaemic heart disease if they live with a smoker. Visit

Smoking, the Heart, and Circulation - ASH-UK Factsheet on smoking and chronic heart disease, arterial disease, aneurysms, vascular disease, and stroke. Visit

South Texas Cardiovascular Consultants - Offering the preventative diagnostic and treatment options for patients with heart disease. Information on physicians and services. Located in San Antonio. Visit

St Joseph's Aspirin - Informational site on St.Joseph's brand, including details on the 81mg dose of aspirin therapy for heart disease. Visit

Takeheart Health Check - The quality assured method for providing authoritative written assessment and advice for the prevention of coronary heart disease. Visit

Texas Heart Institute - A nonprofit organization dedicated to the study and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Located in the St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, Houston, Texas. Visit

The Healthy Refrigerator - Nutritional advice and information to reduce risk of heart problems or manage heart conditions. Recipes, foods suggestions, facts about heart disease. Visit

The Heart and Circulation - A well illustrated interactive educational resource about the heart and heart disease. Includes a quiz. Visit

The Hong Kong Tuberculosis, Chest and Heart Diseases Association - Provides an introduction to the association's services and patient-oriented information on tuberculosis, heart diseases and hypertension. Visit

The Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Program at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center - Information on HCM which is a complex cardiac disease marked by thickening of the heart muscle. (New York) Visit

Thyroid Disease and Echocardiography - Discusses associated significant cardiovascular derangements in hypothyroidism. Includes pericardial effusion, heart failure, and ischemic heart disease. Visit

Thyroid Problems Increase Risk of Heart Disease and Death - Individuals have twice the risk of developing cardiac problems compared to those with normal levels of TSH. Visit

To Heal A Heart - A PBS program about preventing heart disease. Includes frequently asked questions, an overview of heart disease, risk factors, pet scans, lesson plans, and a bibliography. Visit

UK study links heart conditions with common 'hidden' hormone disorders in the elderly - Suggests a strong link between heart problems and undiagnosed thyroid disease. Visit Swedish Study Suggests Moderate Wine Consumption Helps Women With Heart Disease - Report of a study that finds a correlation between increased wine consumption among women, and increased heart rate variability, which is associated with better Visit

WebMD Heart Disease Health Center - Provides details of symptoms, treatments, and prevention. Visit

WebMD: White Wine as Good for Heart as Red? - A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry suggests that grape pulp, high in polyphenols, was as effective in protecting against heart attacks in laboratory tests as grape skins. Which Visit

When to Start Cholesterol-Lowering Therapy in Patients With Coronary Heart Disease - A statement for health care professionals from the American Heart Association task force on risk reduction. Visit

Yale Heart Book - Yale University School of Medicine Heart Book. Provides information about the heart and heart disease, from diet to surgery. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software for viewing. Visit


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