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Healthy Eating

A Pregnancy Guide - Guide to a healthy pregnancy and fertility. Articles on pregnancy symptoms, eating for two, and links to pregnancy DVDs and CDs. Visit

Adolescent Nutrition Guide - A discussion of adolescent nutrition, including the food guide pyramid, healthy eating habits, and calcium and iron requirements. Visit

Advantage Nutrition - Nutritional therapist in Witley, Surrey. Weight management classes and healthy eating talks in schools for parents and children. Visit

Alli Godbold - Nutritional therapist, based in Chiswick, West London, offering consultations and healthy eating cookery workshops. Visit

Alnwick Food Festival - Celebration of Northumbrian produce, drink and healthy eating in Alnwick, England, home of Harry Potter's Hogwart's Castle. Held in late September. Visit

Alnwick Food Festival - Celebration of Northumbrian produce, drink and healthy eating held in late September. Includes details of events and exhibitors. Visit

APPLE Schools - The Alberta Project Promoting active Living and healthy Eating in Schools aims to develop health-promoting school environments and to improve the eating habits and physical activity levels of students. Includes team details and resources i Visit Eating Well - Tips and advice on nutrition, low-fat foods and diet for men's healthy lifestyles. Visit

Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders - Offers outpatient and day hospital programs dedicated to treating eating disorders. Information on mission, facilities, group therapy, staff, how to contact, healthy meals, skills development, and family resources. Ge Visit

Aunt Jemima - Offers product information, healthy eating tips, and pancake fun facts related to their branded products. Company information, recipes, and contact information. Visit

B Toxic Free - Profiles lifestyle changes that may help reduce illness and disease by offering healthy eating habits and options available to lower your exposure to toxins. Visit Feeding and Nutrition - Articles about breastfeeding, starting solids, formula, healthy eating during pregnancy, vitamins, and pesticides Visit

BBC - Food - Food - News and features, TV and radio programmes, recipes, and basics. Sections focus on healthy eating, in season, chefs and feeding children. Visit

BBC News: I am an orthorexic - An obsession with healthy eating could be dangerous, doctors have warned. So what's it like suffering from orthorexia? Visit

Bell, Marian - Nutritionist with tips on healthy eating, nutrition counseling, and self wellness. Cooking services and calendar provided. Visit

Body Image Health - Promoting healthy body image attitudes. Preventing eating and weight concerns. Visit

Bread and Jam for Francis by Russell Hoban - Traditional and web-based unit to accompany text includes study of healthy eating habits, badgers, and the making of bread and jam. Visit

Burntisland Amateur Swimming Club - Information about the club, results, records, training, history and the committee, plus advice on healthy eating. Visit

Calorie Counter - Lose weight through healthy eating and exercise. Support, diet tips and chat room. Visit

Campbell's Soup Canada - Crockpot, chicken, soup and low fat recipes. Includes nutritional information for the company's soups and healthy eating resources. Visit

Castle, Jill - Pediatric dietitan and nutritionist dedicated to healthy feeding dynamics in infants, children and adolescents, specifically food allergies, diabetes, obesity and eating disorders. Fort Wayne, Indiana. Visit For Teens - Explains how diabetes affects teens' lives. Includes sex and pregnancy, eating healthy, and alcohol and tobacco use. Visit Youth Zone - Learn about type 1 and type 2, eating healthy, exercise, and checking your sugar. Play games, answer riddles, and read fun facts. [Free Shockwave download for games.] Visit

Diet-To-Go - Weekly meal plans including vegetarian choices, for safe weight loss and healthy eating. Ships in the continental USA. Visit

DrGreene Chat - Chat schedule which includes live question and answer chats with Dr. Alan Greene as well as parent to parent chats including various topics such as potty training, food allergies, healthy eating, and game chats. Visit

Eating problems and feeding children - Taking a positive, patient approach to feeding allows children to develop a healthy attitude to food and encourage them to eat on their own. Here are some tips on feeding your child. Visit

Eating Your Way To Health - Offers nutrition advice and nutritional therapy to encourage healthy eating, raise energy levels and manage weight. Visit

Empowered Kidz: The Power of Healthy Eating - Offers information, resources and activities for kids 5 to 17 on healthy eating, dieting, body image, and eating disorders. Includes surveys and quizzes. Visit

Farm Shop Review - UK Farm Shop directory with customer reviews, healthy eating features, interviews with farm Sshops, and a list of Ffarmers markets. Visit

Fatso.Com - Diet and nutrition advise for women watching their weight, sliming advise and healthy eating menu for health foods. Visit

FDA Center For Food Safety and Nutrition - Healthy eating and food safety coloring pages, games, activities, songs, and quizzes for kids. Visit

Feed Your Future Children's Cookery - Offers fun hands-on cookery classes for children which promote healthy eating and food awareness. Visit

Fish & Veggie - Eating fish in Japanese style, plus information on healthy gardening and the Japanese diet. Visit

Food For Performance - Individual advice on healthy eating, weight management and personal performance nutrition, given by a leading nutrition consultant. Visit

Food Laws - Eating Right to Stay Healthy - Eating Right to Stay Healthy - A study from the New Testament showing that God's food laws are still valid today. Visit

Frederic Patenaude - Offers information about a raw food diet, healthy eating and raw vegan recipes for healthy living. Visit

Fresh Baby - Learn about developing healthy eating habits for babies. Visit

Go for 2&5 - Public campaign to increase awareness about the benefits of healthy eating. Includes nutritional information, state initiatives, recipes and children's section. Visit

Halal and Healthy - A collection of articles on halal and healthy eating in Islam, explaining the concept; also includes listings of acceptable ingredients, and discussion of related issues. Visit

Halal and Healthy Living in Islam - Explains the terminology of Halal and Haram, and gives guidance on eating healthily by observing religious requirements. Visit

Happyexercising - Includes recipes, exercise and healthy eating information, training tips, fees and trainer history. Female trainer covers Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire. Visit

HEAL - Healthy Eating and Active Living - Healthy Eating and Active Living - A network of individuals and organizations working for the prevention of type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases. Includes details of their programs and initiatives. Visit

Healthy Breakfast - Includes recipes and menus, cooking tips, and nutritional information. Visit

Healthy Eating for a Lifetime - Nutrition and healthy eating information, including Recipe of the Week. Visit

Healthy Eating Tips for Teens - Offers information about how to fuel the body for energy and health. Includes carbohydrates, proteins, good and bad fats, and sample menus. Visit

Healthy Foods at BellaOnline - Selections of recipes, and articles on eating healthy. Visit

Healthy Living - Scotland’s healthy living campaign website with information on healthy eating, publications, case studies and an ask the experts page. Visit

Healthy Living - Scotland’s healthy living campaign website with information on healthy eating, publications, case studies and an ask the experts page. Visit

Healthy - Help for youth escape from eating disorders associated with unrealistic expectations and pressures placed on them by models. Visit

Healthy Parenting: Raising Happy Healthy Babies...Naturally! - A site about attachment parenting, alternative parenting,positive discipline, natural living, organic whole food eating and holistic health. Visit

Healthy U - Developed as a public information and education campaign to support and encourage Albertans to lead healthier lifestyles by providing them with access to information on healthy eating and active living. Includes articles on diet, workplace wel Visit

Healthy Within, Inc. - Intensive, day treatment/partial hospitalization program for eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia and exercise addiction. Multidimensional approach. California. Visit

Healthy Within, Inc. - Intensive, day treatment/partial hospitalization program for eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia and exercise addiction. Multidimensional approach. Visit

Holly Heartz, R.D. - Specializing in healthy eating, weight control, fitness and sports nutrition. List of services, fee structure and contacts. Visit

IDC Publishing - Books on healthy eating, along with some of the most popular books available for people with diabetes. Visit

Just Hungry - Japanese home cooking and other recipes, healthy eating, the food life of an expat and more. Visit - Offers interactive games, recipes, and tips for healthy eating and living. Visit

Kraft Canada Inc. - Database of recipes. Includes tips and healthy eating articles. Visit - Play games and learn about dental health, eating healthy, the five senses, and how tobacco hurts the body. Visit

Mail Order Catalog for Healthy Eating - Sells vegetarian meat and dairy substitutes, organic products, sprouting seeds, cookbooks, and natural personal care products. Visit

Mayo Clinic: Food and Nutrition - Offers news on nutrition research and articles on eating well. Visit

McDonald's and Coke Fund Healthy Eating Drive - The latest scheme is designed to reduce obesity among children. [Guardian] Visit

Meat and Health UK - The official British Meat nutrition education service site with emphasis on balanced diets, healthy eating including fruit, vegetables and meat. Visit

Mincavi - A nutritional program based on Canada’s Food Guide, conducted in over 160 towns in Quebec and Ontario, where members are weighed-in, hear a motivational conference, receive information on healthy eating and sample Minçavi recipes. Visit

Mom Recommended - Parenting articles, newsletters and message boards with activities, travel tips, baby names, daycare and healthy eating information. Visit

National Eating Disorder Information Centre - Promotes healthy lifestyles as an alternative to dieting and the destructive cultural emphasis on appearance. Descriptions of various disorders; FAQ; guide for those close to sufferers; list of seminars and pr Visit

Natural Manna - Resident nutritionist Jan Walker advises on healthy eating for weight loss, vitality and easing chronic health disorders such as arthritis, asthma and depression. Visit

Nejdl, Christine - Provides nutrition counseling for individuals and groups, professional speaking and workplace programs. Covering weight loss, diabetes education, cholesterol, and healthy eating. Visit

New Life Seventh Day Adventist Church - Provides location and contact details for church and pastor, along with promotion of total faith correspondence courses and a healthy eating presentation. Visit

Non Toxic Day - Offers advice and information to help get us healthy and reduce the toxic levels that surround us daily. Includes topics for eating healthy and provides link resources to on line groups and well known health sites. Visit

Nutrition & Recipes - Learn about healthy food choices, cooking, desserts and sweeteners. Includes a guide to eating out, and how to read food labels. From the ADA. Visit

Nutrition at Suite 101 - Information on general nutrition, current food trends, eating healthy, how to take supplements and nutritious recipes. Visit

Nutrition Services - Provides complementary nutrition services to students, including counselling. Includes related articles on nutrition and healthy eating. Visit

Oldways - Non-profit organization that promotes healthy eating based upon regional diet pyramids. Has list of food pyramids based on cultural eating patterns and programs for nutrition education. Visit

Over The Road Chef - Healthy cooking and healthy eating for truck drivers. Physical fitness tools, eating and exercise plan. Low-fat and low-carb recipes. Barbeque recipes and techniques. Visit

Ploughshares at the Fisher King Centre - Cleansing and detoxification retreats, and healthy eating courses. Includes testimonials. Visit

Richards, Brian - Corporate events, dinner banquets, trade shows and family events. Children's show, with special programs promoting reading, healthy eating and exercise. Visit

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick: Department of Food Science - Programs at four schools associated with the State University of New Jersey, working in promotion of healthy eating and improved food quality. Newsletters and contact Visit

Salon - Fighting the Wrong War - Fighting the Wrong War - Article suggests that funding for cancer prevention (healthy eating) would be more effective than the current emphasis on funding research. Visit

Saxelby, Catherine - Offers a guide to healthy eating. Profile, books and consulting services. Foodwatch club and a free newsletter. Visit

Scout, Guide fundraising pits healthy eating against guilty delights - Times Colonist - Times Colonist - It was sweet, natural goodness versus chocolate-minty fun as scouts peddling apples went up against Girl Guides selling cookies on their regular fund-raising drives ye Visit

Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating - Provide freshly prepared meals for calorie controlled, sodium restricted, and low in fat and cholesterol diets. Visit

Slimming World - Provides information on this bimonthly magazine featuring articles on healthy eating, fitness, looking and feeling great. Discount subscriptions available online. Visit

Slimtone Slimming Centres - Offers a healthy eating weightloss programme. Mail order, interactive forum, regular recipes and newsletters. Visit

Smith, Pam - Offers her radio broadcasts, TV appearances, books, tapes, and newsletters to promote healthy eating habits. Visit

TempleHealth Foods - London retailer specialising in health and wholefoods for healthy living and eating. Visit

The Detox Coach - Provides support and advice on healthy eating, exercise, stress management and relaxation. Includes testimonials, biography, and details of coaching packages. Based in Durban, South Africa. Visit

The Campaign - Aims to cultivate healthy eating practices so that schoolchildren can grow healthily and learn effectively. Provides nutrition guidelines, education materials and games, and a database of school lunch providers. Visit

The Healthy Eating Site - Vegetarian, vegan, low carb and raw food recipes and information on nutritional and health benefits. Includes gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free recipes. Visit

The Healthy Refrigerator - Offering healthy eating tips. Includes facts about diet and heart-healthy eating, recipes, and contests for kids and adults. Visit

The Wellness Web - Community has been created to give males and females of any area, a place to meet to talk about health and wellness. Discuss issues such as health, wellness, spirituality, herbs, aromatheraphy, weight loss, diet, eating, fitness, health Visit

Two Plus Three Every Day - Promotes healthy eating. Developed by Central Health Education Unit, Department of Health. Visit

Vermont Vegetarian Society - Promoting healthy, humane, earth-friendly eating. Visit

Weight problem - Program to reduce body weight. Tips for a healthy life style and eating. Visit

Wendy Edwards - Nutritional therapist based at Wickham. Provides advice on losing weight, healthy eating and fitness programmes. Visit

What's the Right Weight for Me? - Explains why some kids weigh more, what a healthy weight means, when to see a doctor, and tips for eating and exercise. Visit - Brochure, contact, and delivery information for wholesome, organic, healthy eating produce mainly supplied from local growers. Ethical policies displayed. Occasional special offers listed. Visit

WIC - Women, Infants and Children - Women, Infants and Children - Mission is to support low-income women and children up to age 5 who are at nutritional risk by providing foods to supplement diets, information on healthy eating, support for women who breastfeed, and referrals to healt Visit

Women, Infants and Children - A Food and Nutrition Service program to safeguard the health of low-income women, infants, and children up to age five who are at nutritional risk by providing nutritious foods to supplement diets, information on healthy ea Visit

Worries About Weight - Information for young people about staying a healthy, normal weight. Includes common eating problems, signs of eating disorders, and how to get help. Visit


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