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Glycemic Load

The Glycemic Load (GL) is a ranking system for carbohydrate content in foods based on their Glycemic Index.

Glycemic load can be calculated as the quantity of carbohydrate content (in grams) multiplied by its GI divide 100. For example a 100g slice of Watermelon with a GI of 72, and a carbohydrate content of 5g (it contains a lot of water) makes the calculation 5*0.72=3.6, the GL is 3.6. So a food with a GI of 100 and a carbohydrate content of 10g has a GL of 10 (10*1=10), while a food with 100g carbohydrate and a GI of just 10 also has a GL of 10 (100*0.1=10).


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