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Food Separation Diet

A Food Separation Diet is an eccletic approach to eating and dieting which utilizes the separation of food group types at meals. A reinvention of traditional eating styles which is key to this nutritional system and its benefits. This system was created by Donald Lemmon, an American nutritionist and physical trainer often utilized by celebrities internationally.


Separating Food Types

Differing from Combination Dieting, the concept here is to not consume certain food groups with others. Mr.Lemmon claims it is a more natural method of eating. One of the principles behind food separation is that the efficiency of the digestive processes is hampered by incorrect food group combinations.

12 Food Groups

12 food groups are created for his separation methods. These groups are more concise than the 4 traditional food groups as it breaks food types down by how your body metabolizes them.

Six Meals a Day

Instead of the traditional 3 meals a day with a couple of snacks the food separation method requires 6 meals a day. Like hobbits in Tolkien's Shire there is plenty of food on the plate. The unusual nature of this diet is the fact a person spends a good amount of time eating.


The principle explanation is that your digestive tract becomes hyper efficient through food separation and a person's metabolic rate increases as it extracts more energy and nutrients from their meals. The net claimed result is more energy, healthier digestion, fat burning and weight loss.

Food Combining VS Food Separation

Food combining is a differing system that has similar approaches. The food combining diet is based on the theory that different food groups are digested optimally when eaten in specific combinations. Food separation keeps food further separated for maximum efficiency and nutritional value rather than combining it with others.

Successful Results

An important key to this system of eating is portion control because it provides nutritional balance. Not too much of any one carbohydrate, protein or fat. Food Separation is growing popular eating lifestyle combined with exercise is commonly used by bodybuilders and fitness followers.

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