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Energy Bar

An energy bar is a dietary supplement often consumed by athletes or other physically active people to maintain their caloric needs in light of their strenuous physical activity.

As the name indicates, they are mainly a source of food energy, primarily complex carbohydrates. Some bars contain a source of protein (often soy), plus a selection of vitamins and minerals. The flavours added to the ingredients often have them resemble baked goods, such as cookies or muffins, to make them more appealing.

The packaging of a typical bar will have a precise nutritional breakdown in order to assist the athlete in maintaining a dietary regimen. Major brand names in North America include the HOOAH! Bar, PowerBar, and Clif Bar. One can also choose to make his or her own fresh energy bars using an online recipe or a baking mix such as Matisse & Jack's Homemade Energy Bar Mix.


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