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Blood Type Diet

The Blood Type is associated with Peter d'Adamo, and is outlined in his book "Eat Right for your Type". His basic premise is that the four blood group types should eat diets as follows:

Blood Group O, which D'Adamo calls "The Hunter" and is seen by D'Adamo sees as the earliest human blood group, should eat a meat-rich diet, as these in d'Adamo's views tend to be muscular, active people;

Blood Group A, which D'Adamo calls the Cultivator and is believed by D'Adamo to be a more recently evolved type dating back from the times in which agriculture began, is seen by D'Adamo as needing a diet free of red meat which emphasises vegetables;

Blood Group B, which d'Adamo calls The Nomad and is believed by D'Adamo to have a strong immune system and a flexible digestive system, is believed by D'Adamo to be the only blood type which can thrive on dairy products;

Blood Group AB, which d'Adamo calls "the enigma" and believes to be the most recently evolved type of all, d'Adamo believes are half-way house, in terms of dieterary needs, between A and B.

D'Adamo's theory has met with many criticisms, and some have questioned whether he has any empirical evidence he has for such claims. He has also been attacked for his views on blood group. He bases his ideas on theory of Karl Landsteiner theory without acknowledging that there are other blood group classification systems. Critics of D'Adamo have also questioned whether human blood group really did follow the evolutionary paths that he outlines.

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